Brand guidelines

Signage and environments

Our brand should be reflected through our environments and buildings. Regardless of the size of a building or staff numbers, our offices should be modern, clean, comfortable and welcoming and embody the values of our organisation. Any point which people come into contact with our organisation should be carefully thought about. Be careful not to neglect locations due to low footfall, all our offices should offer a consistent customer experience.


Make sure that you take the time to look at your office with ‘visitor’s eyes’ and ensure that the environment reflects the brand as well as it can. When you are working in the same office every day it is very easy not to notice wear and tear and that the office could benefit from a deep clean or some fresh paint or that furniture is looking worn and tired. Each office should ensure someone is tasked to review the space regularly and that any notice boards are managed and kept up to date and tidy.

Simple and clear signs make it easy for people to find their way. Welcome signs, building directories and floor plans all have distinctive designs which make their functions immediately recognisable. Their objective is to create a sign ‘journey’ for visitors which is logical and simple to follow.

The most common failing of signing systems is that they are devised and planned by people who already know their way around a building who often think about on-the-spot labelling rather than guidance for a visitor.

The Brand Team work closely with Global Estates to ensure that office refurbishment projects are on brand. If you are involved in such a project please contact the Brand Team as early as possible in the process. Ensure you speak to the Brand Team before your architect or interior design agency is commissioned this will help to ensure that the involvement of the Brand Team is specified and that the brief is clear.