Brand guidelines


All our presentations should be professional and highlight our high standards. They should be a reflection of our brand and be aiding brand recognition for the British Council. All PowerPoint presentations should reflect our brand and follow our brand guidelines in the same way as printed materials do.

There are a number of ways you can create presentations. The quickest and easiest solution is to use one of the British Council branded PowerPoint templates that are available for you to download from this site. If you require a bespoke template you can commission the Design Team or a local agency to produce your presentation (if based in the UK and not using the Design Team you must use the Design Roster). When producing bespoke designs the Brand Team should be consulted before they are finalised.

Bespoke PowerPoints presentations can be created either to be editable or not. Non editable templates have the opportunity for more design finesse, but the disadvantages are you need a professional graphic designer to be on hand to make any amends, which may not be timely and can be costly. The file sizes of bespoke templates can often be larger than average PowerPoint presentations due to the inclusion of images and media files. Bear in mind the file size of presentations may make them difficult to share and distribute. Do not use the standard templates available in PowerPoint. Only use British Council templates.

Extra care needs to be taken when using PowerPoint templates, as the design elements can not be fixed (locked in place) and can easily be changed from our suggested font sizes and positions.

Title slide

Graphic slide

Graphic slide