Brand guidelines

British Council Sans exceptions

British Council Sans is the mandatory font for all British Council materials, unless the exception requirements below are met.

British Council desktop applications

Arial is our approved font for all Microsoft Office desktop applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Using British Council Sans on Microsoft Office documents sent as soft copies to external contacts can cause problems. If the recipient does not have British Council Sans installed on their computer the text may be substituted with an unsuitable font that affects the layout of the document.

All PowerPoint slides should use Arial as the mandatory font.
Download PowerPoint templates


Online, email and web banners

British Council Sans should be used for all text that is part of a graphic banner or Flash file. All web generated editable text should be in Arial.

This example highlights static and animated banners that use British Council Sans.



Wherever possible British Council Sans should be used within illustrations. If a handwritten font is suggested as part of an illustration this must be approved by the Brand Team at the beginning of the development of any creative. Handwritten type must be kept to a minimum and only used within illustrations.

It should not be used as an excuse to bypass the use of British Council Sans.