Brand guidelines

Logo size and positioning

Minimum size

The minimum size of the logo is 8mm in vertical height. If you need to reproduce the logo smaller than this please contact the Brand team for approval. If required the Design Team will supply you with the correct artwork version according to your chosen output method.


In special circumstances, such as large signs or on unusual shapes, like pen barrels, you may require an optically corrected version of the logo. Again please contact the Design Team for this.

Space around the logo (exclusion zone)

It’s important not to crowd the logo. If possible leave as much space between the logo and other visual elements as possible so it can be seen clearly wherever it appears. The minimum exclusion zone is equal to half the height of the symbol, as shown, with the preferred exclusion zone equal to the full height of the logo symbol. No text or other visual elements should appear within this space.


Positioning our logo

The guidance on size and position of our logo must be followed on all printed documents. The preferred position for the British Council logo is in the top left hand corner of printed material and on web pages. If you have an odd sized document which is not a standard A size please contact the Brand team, for guidance.

The positioning guide below enables you to see how the logo should be positioned and resized to fit the following sizes; A2, A3, A4, A5 and DL. Please advise your designer to download the logo at 100 per cent and resize according to the guidance given on the chart.

This positioning chart can be downloaded and if printed at 100 per cent size on to A4 portrait paper can be used  to check the logo size and position is correct against the art work supplied by your printer or designer.

Logo position and size