Brand guidelines

Film and audio

Film is a great way to engage people in our work. Using film effectively can make a strong and long lasting impact, reinforcing the British Council brand and identity. The British Council in Spain has achieved this very successfully in its teaching centre films, capturing the essence of our brand through its visual and audio styles. The visual style of the film reflects the visual style of our stills photography really well and the soundtrack is a good reflection of our brand’s personality.

All films that relate to British Council activity should begin and end with our logo and our URL should be displayed on one of the final frames, as a call to action.

Be aware when creating films that most films end up on social media channels such as YouTube or Vimeo and this should be taken into account when producing the film. Titles (whether main titles or subtitles) should be positioned so that they are not obscured by the control bar at the bottom of the screen or any other icons that may be displayed by a third party player.

As with all different types of media our brand guidelines should be adhered to. This includes using our mandatory corporate font British Council Sans, ensuring there is the correct clearance area around our logo and that the elements of the logo are not animated or separated in any way.

When selecting music consider the genre of music and whether it is appropriate to the audience or risks perpetuating stereotypes. For example, using classical music as a background to an advert aimed at a very young audience or using bagpipes to reflect Scottish culture. Often, instead of using a recognised piece of music a loop or beat can be used as background to a voiceover.

Avoid heavily accented voices that are hard to understand if English isn’t your first language but also remember that the UK has many regional accents that reflect the diversity of our culture. Not everyone in the UK speaks with received pronunciation (RP).

If you are planning on commissioning a film, please contact the Brand Team who can help advise you on what to include in your brief and may be able to suggest film makers that would be suitable for your project.