Brand guidelines

Equal opportunities and diversity

As an organisation the British Council is committed to promoting equality and diversity. As the UK’s cultural relations organisation, our work involves developing relationships with people from a wide range of backgrounds. Treating people fairly and engaging positively with the richness of our shared diversity is central to our role and in line with our values. This means we understand that people are different in a wide range of visible and invisible ways and seek to understand and appreciate these differences, believing that doing so brings benefits to our organisation and to wider society.

Our brand requires us to ensure that equality and diversity is reflected across our materials, but this should not be done in a stereotypical or tokenistic way. We would not expect, for example every brochure we produce to contain an image of someone with a visible disability or for all ethnicities to be included. However, we would want this to be considered where appropriate and where it seems natural for images or content that represent this to be displayed across the full range of our materials.

The Brand Team works closely with the Diversity Unit to ensure that our brand guidance and the Diversity Assessment Framework (DAF) guidance complement each other. The brand guidance that states that our values should not be displayed to external audiences, and that email signatures do not include general messages about equal opportunity and diversity.

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