Brand guidelines

Branded goods

When producing branded goods it is important to ensure they reflect the values of the organisation, that the product is of good quality, and is appropriate to the intended recipient. Historically we have seen an increase in the commissioning of branded goods just before the end of the financial year, when colleagues are trying to spend surplus budget. Branded goods should only be purchased if they are considered essential and not simply because it is an easy way to spend your budget.

Do not be tempted to select branded goods based on cost alone. Think about the recipient and the reason they will be receiving this piece of collateral. Always consider the British Council’s brand values and ensure the item reflects the quality of the organisation and its services.

Special consideration must be given to selecting goods made of the right type of material to print on, print techniques and print finishes.  It is much easier to get it wrong with branded goods, as the materials and formats vary so much, so please take extra care. Poor quality merchandise reflects negatively on the British Council and its brand. It also wastes valuable resources, time and money.

If the branded good is being presented in a branded gift box, ensure the branding on the box is of high quality. Sticking logos onto boxes cheapens the gift and will reduce its impact.

Please note that Brand and Design Teams do not hold any centrally produced branded stock. All branded materials can be produced to order directly through our approved supplier Logo X, or you can source your own supplier locally, but please send any visuals of your promotional goods to the Brand Team for approval prior to production.