Brand guidelines

Commissioning a copywriter

There is a real skill to copywriting and although all of us are able to write, this does not make us copywriters. Although budgets will not allow us to commission professional copywriters for all of our communications pieces it should be considered for wide reaching materials or pieces that will have longevity. Budget needs to be put aside for this, just as you would for professional graphic design. A professional copywriter, who is provided with a strong and clear brief, will ensure that your materials work their hardest, engaging your target audience and ensuring your messages are easily understood.

Before commissioning a professional copywriter, there are some things you need to consider:

  • Decide what the objectives of the piece are, what your message or messages are and how you want to communicate this to your audience.
  • Brief the copywriter on our tone of voice guidelines. The Brand Team can help you with this, if required.
  • Refer them to our editorial guidelines and ensure they become familiar with them, so that they follow our house style rulings.
  • Develop a relationship with a small number of copywriters. Over time they will become more and more familiar with our brand and our house style and this will ensure greater consistency over your suite of materials.
  • Allow enough time and budget for proofing and re-writes. Ensure the number of proofing stages is clear in the quote and what the costs will be if you go over this number. We would suggest at least three proofing stages before you are likely to be able to finally sign off the copy. The Brand Team are happy to be involved at the proofing stages if required.
  • Your copywriter should preferably speak English as their first language to ensure copy does not become localised.

If you are thinking of commissioning a copywriter the Brand Team would be happy to make suggestions as to suitable copywriters to approach.