Brand guidelines


Our preferred use of the logo is our corporate version (PMS 295 and PMS 2995). If the use of the corporate logo is not possible our preference is to use a single colour PMS 295 logo or the black (positive) or white (negative) versions. The negative version of the logo has been optically adjusted so differs from the positive versions.

Always reproduce the positive version against light (or white) backgrounds and the negative version against dark (or black) backgrounds.

All versions of the logo are available as Adobe Illustrator EPS vector files, which should be adequate for all production needs. Vector files are infinitely scalable and can be imported into almost all professional design applications and saved as all other formats. The logo is available in EPS format intended for printed applications and JPEG format intended for use in presentations. If you need to use the logo online the preferred format is a GIF file. Please contact the Brand Team if a web version is required as GIFs are unique to the background colour of the page that they are placed on.

If you require a logo in a different format or are uncertain about which format should be supplied please contact the Brand and Design Team.

Corporate logo