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Our brand value

Well managed brands create value for an organisation. A strong brand will strengthen our organisation, creating social value and resulting in economic advantage, this is also known as our brand value.

In 2009 the British Council’s brand value was calculated at £300 MILLION

The brand valuation of the organisation demonstrated some key points

  • The British Council brand is a valuable organisational asset. To continue to drive value it should be actively managed.
  • Brand value is derived from the social value created by engaging with key audiences around the world and therefore creates customers and stakeholders.
  • The British Council could get more out of its partnerships – internally and externally, commercial or noncommercial – by managing the brand more effectively.
  • Perceptions about the British Council brand are diverse and not always in line with its desired/ current brand positioning.

The methodology to assess the brand value of non-commercial organisations such as the British Council, differs from commercial organisations. Not-for-profit brand valuations differ from the valuations of organisations in the commercial sector which are valued on their stock market valuations. Our brand value is based on financial analysis, demand analysis and competitive benchmarking. The economic advantage is calculated using a globally recognised methodology.

For a not-for-profit organisation £300 million is considered a very good figure. It is difficult to get direct comparisons with other not-for-profit organisations, as most organisations wish to keep their valuations out of the public domain. However, The Royal College of Arts has published its brand value, which was valued at £57 million at the end of 2008.

Our brand value can be communicated externally, but it should only be used in circumstances when it will be understood and it will bring value. For example in a meeting with a potential high profile partner organisation, where our brand value can be used to demonstrate the strength of our brand and why another organisation might want to be associated with it.

A strong brand will help us to grow our business and impact, but inconsistent delivery of the brand will reduce our value – and subsequently our capacity to sustain ourselves.

If you are planning on using our brand value in any of your communications please contact the Brand Team for further advice.

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brand value

It is worth noting that brand longevity and profile do not necessarily equal economic advantage. The organisation’s income, efficiency and repeat business all create value. Social value is more intangible and therefore difficult to measure, but it is a major contributor to brand value.