Brand guidelines

Our brand positioning

The British Council’s brand positioning encapsulates our offer, shows what makes us distinctive and the benefits to our audiences.

Our positioning uses a trusted brand positioning model, the brand wheel, which has a number of elements:

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Brand positioning

Brand promise

At the centre of the wheel is our promise ‘creating international opportunities worldwide’. This is a summary of what we offer to our audiences and should be reflected through everything we do as an organisation. Our brand promise is not our strapline and should not be used in external communications.

Our values

The British Council values – valuing people, integrity, mutuality, creativity and professionalism – underpin everything we say and do, how we work with people, how we behave towards people and each other, and how we communicate. It is how we want to be perceived by those we engage with and how we deliver our products and services.

Our sectors

Our areas of work – English, arts, and education and society.

Our muscles

The four quadrants that are attached to the wheel are known as our brand muscles or strengths. These strengths – that we are sharing; we are transforming; that we work in and for the UK; and that our work builds trust with those we engage with – are what defines the British Council and makes us distinctive. Each strength is supported by evidence, the key reasons to believe us. These strengths when delivered together create a strong competitive advantage for the organisation.

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Supporting the brand positioning for the British Council are our tone of voice and our personality. These both inform us how to communicate when speaking or acting on behalf of the brand. These are explained in more details on their own pages of this site.